Starz+ offers opportunities to enhance teaching and engage pupils with their learning.  Because it is accessible outside of school, pupils are able to consolidate their school based learning experiences through the resources that are made available to them as well as the numerous web links that are available via the Starz Activities area.

The VLE helps you to build up a bank of resources and differentiation access to content across your school.

  • The Class Homepage is a virtual noticeboard, a space to post regular updates; topical news items, class events, notice of curriculum topics or celebrations.
  • Projects provide the ability to build online topic boxes populated with items used in class  that children can access at home.
  • Assignments/Homework can be assigned to a class, individual or group and submitted in a variety of ways. Upon completion a teacher can review and comment on the pupil's work online.


Support and Advice for teachers can be found in the Starz+ Knowledgebase