Storyboards and Scriptwriting

Storyboarding and script writing go hand in hand when preparing to make your film.  Both are used to help you plan out what your film is going to look like and what is going to happen, and to share these ideas with others.  Different people prefer different amounts of detail in their storyboards and scripts; remember these are planning tools so use them to help YOU and your team to plan.


Writing a Script

You've probably had a go at writing a playscript before - maybe in Literacy or English lessons, when getting ready for a school production or when preparing an assembly for your parents.  There are several ways to set out your script and you can find some examples below BUT...remember that your script is for you and your team to understand so make sure your script has enough detail so that YOU can understand it!


How to Storyboard an Animation

Watch this short film to see a simple example of how to storyboard your ideas.


Follow the links below for more detailed guidance on storyboarding your ideas.

What is a storyboard? - Explore the basics of creating storyboards

Free Storyboard templates - available from the

Acting with a pencil - learn about some of the techniques storyboard artists use
The Grammar of TV and Film - learn why different types of shots are used and what effect they can create.

Shrek & Wallace and Grommit storyboards

War Horse Example Storyboard

A model for writing your first script (TES login needed)

The Elelphant's Child script (see matching film here)

Finding Nemo film script


Dr. Who: Script to Screen (BBC Bitesize)



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