Start/End of Year Arrangements

Management of Accounts is Integrated with SIMS Therefore:

-  Transition childrens' accounts will be closed according to the end-date set in SIMS.  After this date, these children will no longer have an account within your school.  We strongly recommend that before the end of term any files in their storage area which they wish to keep are downloaded and saved locally.  Closure of accounts is automated because of CTF and data protection issues.

-  Preventing access to Starz+ during the Summer Break.  This can be achieved by re-setting passwords for the children.  If this is a whole school approach contact the Starz+ team who have higher-level access and can perform this task for you.  If you wish to prevent access for only one, or two classes, this can be performed by an account with Administrator access via CP>Classes>Class Name checked>Action>Reset Passwords/Reset picture logins.

-  Pupil logins
Schools who use picture logins with KS1 and wish to change to default/KS2 format at the start of the new academic year should contact the Starz+ team for support.  Once all reception pupils are all 'admitted' within SIMS, please contact us, we can help with obtaining their logins for you.

-  Class memberships will be governed by when the data is changed in SIMS, moving pupils and staff to their new classes accordingly.

-  Staff Changes:

>Contracts for staff leaving usually terminate on 31st August, after which their account will be de-activated on Starz+.

>Contracts for new staff usually commence on 1st Sept, after which their account will be created in Starz+. If assigned to a class within SIMS this should also be mirrored in Starz+.

>Staff who have had multiple class access set-up for them, these manual settings will remain and any new class that you are assigned to in SIMS will be added to your list. 

>If you have staff who require access prior to their account being created, we recommend the use of Temporary Teacher accounts that can be created manually -  these are set-up as generic accounts, not personally named.

>Moving Classes - Class homepages remains with the class. The page content is considered to be transient information pertinent to the class members, therefore please consider refreshing this ready for new pupils. Projects and Groups are associated to the staff account rather than the class and will therefore move with staff member.
if you need access to a different class before the start of the academic year, it is possible to have your account manually added to the new class.

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