Starz+ is an online ‘Learning Platform’ or ‘Virtual Learning Environment’ (VLE). It provides the kind of online tools, such as links to child friendly websites, messaging, chat, blogs and other content related to the themes the children are studying in school.

Because Starz+ is accessible outside school, we would encourage you to talk to your children about how they use it and to ask them to show you what they have been doing and explain how it helps to keep them safe. It is possible for you to have your own account on Starz+ so that you can follow your children's activities and receive communications from the school. If you wish to have a parent account or have any concerns or questions about Starz+, please raise them with your child's school in the first instance. If necessary, they will then contact us for help.

If your school is using Starz+ they may have issued you with a login also.  Depending on each school's set-up, you could find you have access to some, or all, of the following:

  • Attendance - visibility of your child's attendance record
  • Calendar - visibility of key school dates and events
  • Quick Links - linking to the parental section of the E-safety website
  • Mobile App - a link providing the ability do download the eSchools mobile app (Apple or Android)
  • Classes - visibility of content on your child's class homepage
  • Homework - visibility of any homework that has been set for your child through the VLE
  • Letters home - access to stored copies of any communications from the school
  • Parents Evening - a tool permitting online booking of teacher consultations


You may find the following helpful:

NB: Please note that following updates to the eSchools Parent App, you are advised to update the app to pick up the new functionalities.



Still can't find what you're looking for?

Please contact your school office in the first instance.

Forgotten your login details?  Your school office should be able to re-set them for you.