Starz Activities and Little Starz

 Starz+ provides access for pupils to 300+ links to child friendly, age appropriate, web sites many of which are linked to curriculum schemes of work. 


Starz Activities has been created for Y2 and KS2 pupils.         Little Starz has been created for Y1 and EYFS.

-  Access to either of these two areas is set on a class by class basis within the Administration area.

- Pupil access is via the 'My Class' button on their Dashboard, followed by the red 'Starz' button on the left-hand side of the next screen. 

- Unfortunately at this moment in time there is no direct access for adult accounts. Adult access is achieved by visiting a pupil's account, using the 'bent arrow' in class lists, and then navigating as per a pupil.  Note: Visiting a pupil's account in this way logs the adult out of their account.

Whilst the web links are checked each term there may be ocassions when broken links are found. 
*Please help us keep them up to date by reporting any issues found.

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