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Starz Plus is an Online Learning Platform or Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) used by pupils across Cambridgeshire Primary, Nursery and Special Phase schools. The ICT Service manages the online environment to inspire and support users, going far beyond delivering just the technology.

Starz Plus enables vibrant learning communities to enhance teaching and learning.  The ICT Service manages a range of resources, activities and projects.

A learning platform like this also has a role to play as a key tool for developing pupils’ esafety skills and helping them to keep safe.

StarzPlus is more than just an area to support pupil learning, subscribers also have the use of :

  • Office Tools such as Letters Home, Parent Evening Booking Tool and Text Sender.  which provide schools with the ability to communicate and engage with parents. The integrated features, which are all synced with school data, are easy to use and can save huge amounts of time and money on a day-to-day basis.
  • Apps for mobile devices provides users (teacher, student, office staff, head teacher, governor etc.) with the ability to login whilst on the move!  Use of the mobile app will save schools money - Text messages are read for free whilst a small charge will be imposed for non app users.
  • Integrated Website Service. This doesn't only offer autonomy for school staff, we regularly receive feedback from Headteachers, telling us how excited they now are to keep their websites up-to-date, rather than the chore and lengthy update times of their previous website providers.
  • Governor portal access can also be part of your VLE subscription.

For schools that don't want a learning platform, all other functions can be brought as seperate services - the more you buy into, the more you save (by camarison to individual prices).

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