Scratch Training Resources



Great resource for starting out with Scratch.  You'll need to register for barefoot - which is free.



Code Club is an organisation where you can register to either run an extra curricular club yourself or have a volunteer come in and run one with you.  Either way, some of the resources are free to access and this is a useful starter activity.



The Barefoot 'Crystal Flowers' unit introduces the concept of repetition and why it's important.  It's a great unit for Y3/4 and has lots of links to work in Maths. You'll need to register for barefoot - which is free.



See the help sheet for guidance on creating your own version of this game.



Have a go at some debugging!  The scoring system in this game doesn't work very well.  Why not?

Can you mkae this game easier / harder to play?



This game isn't particualrly exciting but works reasonably well.  Can you break it?

Now can you make something more interesting using the 'maze' format?



Making an e-card can lead pupils to a much higher level of logical reasoning.  Explore how the 'broadcast' command is used in this example to manage the timings.

Can you create your own?  There's more guidance on this here: