Programming in KS2

The following resources may be useful for planning and delivering 'Programming' in KS2.  We update these as new resources become available so check back often!


Schemes of Work and Plans


Barefoot Computing Activities

2D Shape Drawing

Scratch Tinkering

Shapes and Crystal Flowers

Maths Quiz: Selection

Maths Quiz: Variables




Using FlowCharts (article)

Summary of Flow Chart Symbols

Playground Games Flowcharts (unplugged)

Flowol4 Tutorial

Flowchart Activity Cards

Code-it sample KS2 plan & progression

(Scheme of Work)

online glossary

CS Unplugged

Computer Science for Fun (CSFN unplugged lessons - progressive 'courses' for pupils

Code Club Projects

(samples in each 'course')



Crumble Controller

Crumble Board Resources (inc. setup)

Crumble Controller Planning (code-it)

Crumble projects (Redfern Electronics)

Scratch & ScratchED

Scratch Ideas


NRich Logo resources
TES New Curriculum Scratch Lesson Plans (SFI - Lero) Free access to J2Code tools and lesson plans
Using Lego Mindstorms NXT (CaS Community) Lego Wedo instructions


Online tools and activities


BBC Bitesize Computing

      BBC - What is an algorithm?

    BBC - What is code?

BBC - What is debugging?

BBC - What is decomposition?

BBC - how do computers use variables?

What is an Algorithm? (video)

Scratch & ScratchED

Broken Golf Maze (lots of bugs!)

Stay Alive! Frog Game

Sample e-card

X Tables Wizard

Animate your name in Scratch - HoC

Create an e-card in Scratch - HoC

Deep Dive into Code (Scratch Cards by @PaulHamilton8)



Hour of Code UK (HoC)

Code with Frozen's Anna and Elsa

Google's Blockly Games

Build your own Pong game

Build your own Flappy Bird style game


Minecraft Adventurer (new in 2016)

Minecraft Designer

Star Wars

Moana: Wayfinding with Code

Tynker Activities

Make your own Google Doodle! (Scratch)

Barclays Code Playground
Download Sonic Pi for Windows - progressive 'courses' for pupils

Course 3 - 8 yrs+

Course 4 - 10 yrs+

Cracking the Code: pictures in binary


An Introduction to the BBC Microbit

Tynker Hour of Code and Teachers' Notes

Hot Wheels Obstacle Course

Hot Wheels 'Hack the Track'

Monster High 'Scavanger Hunt'

Monster High 'Music Video'

Snowball Seige

Crunchzilla Code Monster (explore Javascript code)


Apps and related resources:


Scratch Junior



Scratch Junior app Activities

Story Telling with Scratch Junior




Hopscotch Hour of Code


PureFlow (creating flowcharts)


(see above for related resources)


Lightbot HoC



Lightbot on your PC

Apple's Swift Playground


Blue Bot


Blue Bot Guide

The Doctor and the Dalek (iPad)

(a fun game with some programming elements)

Move the Turtle




Cargo Bot



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