Programming in Early Years and KS1

The following resources may be useful for planning and delivering 'Programming' in KS1.  We update these as new resources become available so check back often!


Schemes of Work and Plans


Barefoot Computing Activities  

Crazy character algorithms

Beebot Tinkering

World Map Logic

Scratch Jr Tinkering



Bee-Bot Activity Cards

2Go Activity Cards      

KS1 Sample Plan

and Scratch Junior plans

Free access to J2Code tools and lesson plans
Computer Science for Fun (CSFN)

Programming Keywords Posters (CaS)


CS Unplugged

Harold the Robot unplugged lessons

Scratch Lesson Plans (SFI - Lero) www.Primary NRich TES New Curriculum
Lego Wedo Instructions


Online tools and activities


BBC Bitesize Computing

BBC - What is an algorithm? BBC - What is code? BBC - What are computer bugs?
BBC - How do you program a robot?

BBC - Robot Routes


What is an Algorithm? (video)  

Hour of Code UK (HoC)

Lightbot HoC

Kodable HoC

BeeBot HoC

Google's Blockly Games - HoC


Star Wars

Truck Control  

Space Rescue

(simple algorithms)


(web version)

Barclays Code Playground

2Code Jumping Monkey - progressive 'courses' for pupils

Course 1 (4-6 yrs)

Course 2 - (6 yrs+)



Apps and related resources:


Scratch Junior




Daisy the Dinosaur





Blue Bot






Scratch Junior app Activities

Story Telling with Scratch Junior

The Doctor and the Dalek

(a fun game with some programming elements)

Blue Bot Guide Kodable app Resources






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