Digital Literacy

Digital Literacy is the ability to effectively and critically navigate, find, evaluate summarise, use, create and communicate information using a range of digital technologies. It deals with the appropriate use of technology generated words, images sounds and motion.

Developing digital literacy is increasingly important because it supports learners to be confident and competent in their use of technology in a wide variety of contexts. The inter-related components of Digital Literacy can and should be developed alongside subject specific knowledge and understanding.  It may be useful to think of Digital Literacy as made up of several, intertwining elements, with aspects of collecting and manipulating data and presenting information running throughout.

The document below shows some, though not all, of the elements which may contribute to developing pupils’ Digital Literacy capability.  Your pupils' developing capability will benefit from experiencing a wide range of progressive learning experiences, with several of these areas linked together.

Use the document below to help get you started on Digital Literacy:






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