Projects are online topic folders which can be created for different classes, groups or individuals and  contain items assigned to the whole class/group or individuals.

Projects keep topic resources in one place, quizzes, albums, topic discussions,topic related homework/assignments etc. (Pupils are able to discuss freely in the class and group discussions, project discussions should be encouraged to stay on task). Unrelated homework/assignments can be set outside of a project using the homework/assignment tool. Teachers can create as many topic folders (Projects) as they like, activated,  deactivated  or archived until ready to use with a class.

Pupils also have access to a number of web links via the Starz Activities area...You could put a reminder/link on a project page to send them to check these out for themselves.

Elearning  have created and Shared Projects which you can use:



To Use these projects:

  • Log into Starz+ and select Project from your menu bar
  • Click to ‘Create Project’
  • Select to ‘Create Project Based on Existing Template’
  • Use the Search field to search for... ‘Specific project name’
  • Elect to ‘Use’ the project
  • Type into the ‘Class’ field the name of your class or group as displayed within Starz+ - Select this from the dropdown.  Make any other adjustments to project set-up to meet your needs
  • Select Finish
  • The Project will now appear in your Current Projects
  • Add or remove contents/wording to meet your class needs 

Need to know more? Watch the eSchools video below:


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