Models, Props and Setting the Scene

Once you've decided on your ideas, the style and genre of your film and begun creating your script and storyboard, you're ready to start making your models and background ready for filming.

This is another time when you might feel a little bit frustrated that you're not quite ready to pick up the camera and start filming yet.  However, the more preparation you do now, the easier and smother the filming process will be once you get going.


If you're making an animation, you'll need to think about what medium you will use.  Are you going to animate clay models, drawings, sillhouettes, pieces of fruit?!  What will you use as a background?  Remember, in an animation EVERYTHING in the film is there because you put it there...nothing will appear by accident!


If you're making a live action film, you'll need to think about props (objects your characters will hold and carry) and costumes (things people will wear).  Think carefully about the kind of film you're trying to create.  For example, if it's a drama set in the Victorian times, make sure there are no phones or other modern technology in your film!

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