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The 2014 Computing Curriculum  called for all children to be taught to use technology safely and respectfully, keeping all personal information private.  One way that children can be taught to help keep themselves safe is by not uploading self images to the Internet,

It is possible, within Starz+, for users to change their profile picture thus demonstrating that they have understood and followed e-safety guidelines as well as not breaking copyright law.

The Starz+ team have produced a number of avatars which are freely available for profile pictures to both pupils and staff within the Starz+ gallery  (Download and save locally before uploading as your selected profile picture).

- Staff users: Click onto the cog at the top right-hand corner of the dashboard to update/change profile pictures

- Pupils: Changing the profile picture is possible via the Me button on their dashboard.

Staff users can quickly check which profile images their pupils have uploaded via the class list.  Any silhouettes indicate that a pupil has yet to upload an image.  School photographs stored within SIMS should not be pulling through to the Starz+ VLE.

Example of Class List:

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