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Spring Term 18

Letters Home:

  • List of unsubscribers now available with ability to re-subscribe for contact with the click of a button.
  • A list of cleaned email addresses - emails that are permanently unreachable thus allowing ability to follow-up
  • Improved reporting functions - visibility of email being sent and clear indication when process has completed.

Click here to watch eSchools explanatory video

Platform Personalisation

Whilst we love the Starz branding, some schools have enquired as to whether it is possible to display their own school logo.  This is now possible following eSchools development.  School logo can be displayed inside the platform and on the login page.

Remember it is also possible to set a 'secondary' theme for a year group.  This looks the same as a teacher theme providing progression towards use of other online learning facilities and environments.


Are you using these to the best of their potential?

  • Share entries with specific groups...parents, governors, SEND key staff and parents as well as classes, year groups, school council etc.
  • Booking rooms (Hall/ICT Suite etc.) or resources Click here to find out how to achieve this.


Interested in using the blogging tool within your school? Click here to access eSchools video in their Academy support area for advice for children.

Free Training Opportunities

Free training opportunities have been arranged around the county.  For more information click here

Autumn Term 17

  • Start of Year Arrangements - Management of accounts is synced with your MIS system to include:
    All leavers automatically removed
    All new starters have an account created following data entry in MIS
    All class membership updated
  • Now is a great time to carry out some easy housekeeping:
    Generate all new user logins
    Reset pupil logins for classes, thus ensuring that teachers have up-to-date lists
    Review that all school personnel have access to the classes they work with
    Class page and project content - remove out of date or irrelevant content, archive/deactivate projects
  • Updates over the Summer break
    Text Sender: 
    Ability to purchase or top-up text bundles, create and use templates, view analytics and reports
    Letters Home: Emails now show as coming from school although system still uses no-reply@eschools address.  If response required please include reminder in body to send to usual school office address.
    Parent Evening Booking Tool: eSchools working on making booking available via the Parent app - hopefully up and running for Spring Term 18.  Parents forgetting their passwords?  Contact us as we do have solutions.
    Schools Logos:  certain tools can now display your school logo, ensure that this is available for your school by sending us a copy for upload to eSchools database.

If your school hasn't started to use the office tools yet, contact us to find out more.

  • ACE - Accreditation of Competence in E-safety resources
    All staff now have access to these resources via their file storage area within Starz+ (Shared with me).  Bronze, Silver and Gold shared projects are also available to help you deliver the scheme of work through the Starz+ VLE

    Contact if you require support                



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