MIS - Data Transfer

/uploads/9/enMU3bK1wyDOlwPr.pdfStarz+ integrates with your school’s MIS (SIMs, Integris, Pupil Asset etc.), to do this it is necessary for eSchools to install the required software to make this happen. The ICT Service can help facilitate this. Once installation is completed, some limited data from your MIS will write to your Starz+ platform, creating accounts, updating classes and contact details..

Once installed your Starz+ platform will synchronise with your MIS on a daily basis, so you will not need to update the information on Starz+ (this happens automatically). Any information you add to the MIS will be available on Starz+ the next morning.

If you are changing your MIS software, please let us know so that we can arrange for data transfer to continue thus keeping your platform timely and relevant.

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