Starz Gallery

The Starz Gallery is a private collection within the NEN Gallery, which in turn was developed by E2BN for the National Education Network. 

Within the gallery are images, sounds and videos arranged within Curriculum programmes of study albums.  All resouces are copy-right free for educational use purposes. 

There are additional albums, one of which is 'Avatars' providing files which pupils can use for their profile images.  Access the Avatars album here


How to Access the Gallery:

Teachers - A 'Quick link' has been provided on your Starz+ Dashboard...scroll down to find this towards the bottom of the page along with other 'Quick links' which you may find useful.

Pupils - Pupils can access this from the link provided within Starz Activities.  To access Starz Activities they need to click onto 'My Class'>Starz (Red Button on left-hand side of screen.  The Starz Gallery is linked to by the Purple square at the bottom of the screen.

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