Attendance and Dinner Registers

It is possible to take an attendance and dinner register within the Starz+ VLE.  Attendance feeds back to SIMS, the dinner register provides school office staff with reports which can be printed/forwarded to the school kitchen. Plesase contact us if you use another MIS system and would like to start to use the attendance and dinner registers.

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Before beginning to use these tools there are set-up tasks to be completed  together.

  • We need to ensure that the respective modules are acrive for both admin and teachers.
  • That the correct codes are present in both registers - relevant for your school
  •  eSchools have set the opening and closing times for the registers.

We strongly recommend that you trial this with one class first, alongside your regular registration process,  to ensure that all school personnel are aware of what is required of them.

Contact us to Explore further.

  • Simple Register - Allows teachers to only mark whether pupils are absent or present using the switch button. If marked absent 'N' code is recorded in the school's MIS.  If a mark has already been recorded by the school office, this is visible to teachers but provides no possibility for them to over-write.
  • Normal Register/ Dinner Registers- See video below for explanation of this and the Dinner Register functionality.

Pupil Absentee Tool

The 'Pupil Absentees' tool,  accessed from the administrator dashboard, provides a list of all pupils without a recorded reason for absence on a given day. Rather than phoning every parent you can then send them an email or text reminder requesting they contact the school office with a reason for absence as soon as possible.  A copy of all communications sent from this tool are saved in either the Letters Home or Text Sender records area.


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