Pupil Logins

Every pupil account can be assigned either a picture or a 'Default' login, (default logins will vary from school to school depending on the choices made when the school's VLE was set-up). 

- How do I obtain a login for a new user?
Following overnight synchronisation of new data from SIMS, an account will appear in Starz+ the day after..  Using an 'Admin' role account staff may obtain the login for the account using the New User login tool shown on their Dashboard, - Obtaining New Account Logins

- How do I re-set a pupil's password?
Teachers can change the passwords of pupils within their class, without having to ask an administrator. To do this go to Classes, and select the tab marked 'Class List'. To Change a pupil's password, click on the cog icon, then fill in the fields on the pop-up screen.

- How can I reset student passwords for one class/year?
An administrator can reset passwords in bulk for classes and year groups. To do this, log into Starz+  and navigate to CP > Classes. If picture logins are required, click onto the class name and check the appropriate box under Class details first.

Next, check the box next to the class name CP>Classes, , followed by the _Action_ button. From the drop-down, you can then reset the class passwords. A .pdf file which can be downloaded, printed, chopped and handed out to the pupils is produced . 


- Complete the form below for the Starz+ team to regenerate logins for you.

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