Logins For Administrators

As an Administrator you may be asked to obtain a login for a new pupil or member of staff, or to re-set a password if this has been forgotten. 

Obtaining Logins for new Accounts
Following synchronisation, new data from SIMS will pull through to Starz+ and create new accounts for pupils and staff .  Admin Starz+ users can obtain logins for these new accounts using the New User Logins tool.  Slips are produced for printing and handing out to the relevant new user.

Resetting passwords for an existing account:

-  Log into Starz+ using an Administrator role.

-  Select CP (Control Panel) from the blue menu bar

-  Choose the first link on the drop-down - Users

-  Use the 'Search' facility to find the account,

Type in the first name for pupil searches and the last  name  for adult accounts.

-  Once you have located the account, click onto the name to access the account details

The second tab (eSchools settings) will provide access to the username and password for the account.  Both of these can be changed.  Usernames can be shortened if required and passwords changed/re-set.

-  Save Changes

Resetting passwords for Whole Classes:

-  Log into Starz+ using an Administrator role.

-  Select CP (Control Panel) from the blue menu bar

- Choose Classes from the drop-down menu

- If picture logins are required, click onto the class name and select this in the class details>Save

- Check the box against the class name, then click the Action button, select to re-set passwords.  A pdf file of login slips is then available to download, print and hand-out to the children.


If you would like to have the Starz+, or your school logo displayed on these slips, please contact us to arrange for this.  


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