As Starz+ and SIMS synchronise daily overnight , accounts are automatically created, as pupils and staff leave, accounts are removed.

Logins for new accounts are automatically assigned, these can be collected by staff members with admin access or re-set by the class teacher.- See Useful Infomation below.

- Pupil and Teacher Accounts - Not only are accounts created, but a pupil account is automatically added to the child's registration class and year group, (As set in SIMS).  Teacher accounts which have associations set within Sims will also be added to classes. 
If the pupil requires access to a group that has been created by the addition of individual members, then the account will require adding as a new member in the administration area.  Groups that have been created using class or year groups will have added the new account automatically.  All teacher accounts will need to be added manually to groups.

There may be occassions when additional accounts need to be created - regular supply staff or fictional characters (Father Christmas, Henry VIII etc.). This can be achieved in the administration area via the CP button. CP>Users>Create New User.

-  Staff Accounts - Whether an adult account is provided with a Starz+ Teacher or Staff account is dependant on the code assigned to the adult within SIMS . The majority of classroom personnel will automatically have a teacher account created for them, although accounts, other than the main class teacher, may need to be provided with access to classes within Starz+ - please see information below.

-  Administrator Accounts - Each school automatically has an Administration account created when the school VLE is set-up.  Other school personnel may have administration access rights either due to the SIMS codes allocated to them or added to their account within Starz+ at a later date, all Starz+ representatives within school have this access right added to their account.

-  Governor Accounts - It is possible for school governors to have accounts created for them by an Administrator: CP>Users>Create New User. and added to a Governor group. Governor accounts have acces to the messaging tool (this can be disabled if required). They can also upload and share files. Please refer to related article.

-  Parent Accounts - As contacts are recorded within SIMS, accounts will have been created automatically for all.  For more information on parental accounts please refer to related articles.

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