3rd Party Providers

Do you require your pupils to access third party providers once they have logged into their Starz+ account?

  For Purple Mash it is possible for us to arrange single sign-on for your pupils. Once this has been activated an icon will be placed on your Class homepage, providing pupils with a single click to access the Purple Mash site...without the need of a second sign-on!

This link can also be added to group pages and into any homework assignments, providing direct access for your pupils.

If your school subscribes to Purple Mash and you are interested in having single sign-on activated please contact us

Other 3rd Party Providers
At this moment in time there are no other 3rd Party providers willing/able to provide single sign-on through eSchools (Starz+).  To provide a link to external sites we suggest that pupils are provided with a weblink image  on the class homepage (This will ensure that the children have access as soon as they have logged into Starz+ - 'Primary' themed users only). Unfortunately pupils will then be asked to login to this second site.

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