Groups can be set up as areas for pupils in addition to their registration classes.  Useful for groups such as after-school clubs, school council etc.. Within these areas you can create a group page, begin discussions or assign projects, just as you can with classes.

It is also possible for Governors to create groups for the various committes within the governing body.

Access to groups for pupils is achieved by selecting the 'Me' button at the top of a primary themed dashboard followed by the purple 'My Groups' button found on the left-hand side.

Group membership  can be hidden from the members, particularly useful if you just want to assign projects to a specific group rather than provide access to a group page etc. and imperative for sensitive user Defined Groups that have pulled through from SIMS.

Note: Groups could be set-up to facilitate the assignment of projects to a year group across a number of classes or to a specific Key Stage.  To ensure that new pupils are automatically added to the group, add the members as a class or year group.

You may find the following useful:



Watch the video to learn how to add content for your group.

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