Getting Started

We believe the Starz+ VLE to be intuitive and easy to use - but there's a lot to get to grips for effective and efficient use across your class and school.

We strongly recommend that you start with:

A Vision -  Without a vision staff may be confused and use of Starz+ may be chaotic and occasional. With an achievable plan staff will use the platform effectively. Take a look at our Vision and Planning document to help you work through the barriers to change which VLE adoption may have raised.

A Roll-out Plan - There are a variety of ways that schools have rolled out Starz+ within their school.  The most successful have been phased approches with:

- Teachers supporting each other in using the tools and functions before rolling out to pupils.

One teacher and their class taking the lead, getting to grips with what the VLE offers and then cascading this knowledge either up or down through the school.

The adoption of Starz+ ambassadors - A teacher who leads staff, with selected pupils supporting peers in their adoption of the platform.

AUPs - Setting the guidelines for use, with a Starz+ specific AUP, from the outset has reduced inappropriate activity for a number of schools. 

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