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The importance of sound in films is often underestimated or ignored by young film makers (or even older ones for that matter!).  However, it is clear that audiences value good quality sound and that really good films are sometimes spoiled by sounds that can't be heard clearly or don't match the mood of the film.

The good news is that capturing good sound doesn't need expensive equipment or to be complicated.  Free sound editing software and apps (such as Audacity and SoundSlateLT) can make collecting, editing and playing sounds incredibly easy!

In fact, finding and capturing good sounds can be quite an adventure. 

Watch the video below to find out more about the sounds created by Ben Burtt for the film Wall-E.  Wall-E contains almost no dialogue (speech) so every sound counts and has to be just right!  Then have a go at finding your own sounds around your home or school.

View part 2 of this fascinating Sound Design Film here.

Download Audacity for free Download an Audacity Quick Guide View the animation made by sound artist Jack Maynard and a group of Cambridgeshire children
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