Preparation is Everything!

When you've got your idea ready to go, it's time to get prepared.  This is all still before you pick up a camera (although you may want to try some of your ideas out such as camera angles and movements just like you do in an art sketchbook).

As with the planning stage, the more time you spend preparing for filming, the more smoothly the film making process will be.

Think about:

Storyboarding the ideas for your film

Writing your film script

Models, Props and Setting the Scene

Film Making: a director's viewpoint

Here's a short video which shows you some of the decisions that a director might make when planning and preparing to create a film.

Film Making
Plan, Plan, Plan!
Preparation is Everything!
  Storyboards & Scriptwriting
  Models, Props & Setting the Scene
Lights, Camera, Action!
Time to Edit...
Adding Sound...
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