Editing Time...

Once you've collected all of your 'raw materials': photos, video footage, sounds etc., it's time to edit your film together.  This doesn't need to be complicated or expensive and there are several free or inexpensive tools you can use to do this. 

Editing digital content usually follows the same pattern:

  • Collect all of your raw materials together and import them into the tool.
  • Join them together, trim them, add transitions and special effects etc.  Save your project as you go along but remember not to move the original material whiclst editing your film; your project will look for it in the original place each time until you export your finished content.
  • Export your finished film ready for viewing.

The main pieces of software we see being used in schools are:

Windows Movie Maker (free) Great for editing photos, video and audio on Windows devices.
Windows PhotoStory 3 (free) A simple editing tool for making photo slideshows, adding sound and saving them as movies.
iMovie (usually free but may cost on older iPads) A powerful editing tool for iPad users.
Audacity (free) A brilliant tool for editing sounds together and manipulating audio including sound effects and music (don't forget to follow copyright rules though!)


There are many other editing tools so explore what you have available to you at home or at school.

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