Plan, Plan, Plan!

The very first stage of making your own film is perhaps the most crucial...the idea!  You might find developing your initial ideas a little difficult, just as you might when story writing, and there are often lots of decisions to be made!

Undoubtably, the more time and effort you put in at this stage, the easier and smoother the rest of the process will be, so it's essential that you put the time into this part of the process...before you pick up a camera!

Think about:

Your idea: What do you want your film to be about?  Will it tell a story or maybe be a creative response to a piece of music?  Keep your idea short and can also make it more complicated later; you'll be surpirsed at how long it takes to tell just a short story well through film!

The style of your film: Will you make a live action film with real people or a stop motion animation (or maybe a mixture of the two!)

Your chosen genre: Are you making a scary film?  A traditional tale? A silent comedy? A documentary or perhaps a sci-fi film?  You might want to thin about films you've seen recently, the type of story you like or the audience you are making a film for. 


If you're not sure about your story idea, chosen style of genre, why not watch some films other people have made to give you some ideas (now that would be a good homework wouldn't it!)?


Writing a Treatment

Now you've started to plan, it's time to write a treatment for your film.  A 'treatment' is a short overview of the idea for your film.  the point of a treatment is to communicate your story in a brief, succinct way which summarises the essential idea. 

It's important to be brief so try:

...writing your film treatment on  a postcard

...recording a description of your film as a podcast ...explaning your film in under 1 minute to your mum, dad, best friend or even the dog!


If your chosen audience understands your film, you could be ready to begin your preparations!

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