Each class/group has the ability to chat and discuss topics within a closed forum. 

We recommend periodic removal of threads to keep the dicussions relevant and timely achieved by:  Mouseover the top right-hand corner of first post>clicking on dustbin.

-  'Class Discussions' allow only class member participation, they are constantly accesible unless turned off in the administration area. 

- 'Project Discussions' allows for discussions on specific  topics within the project.  This is only available when item has been created by teacher and made active.  Discussions can be used to gather preconceptions of the topic, or during the topic to gather information learnt, or researched, by the children.

- 'Group Discussions'  Any 'unhidden' groups showing on the VLE provides a group discussion facility for its members, there is currently no option to turn this off. All members are able to start new topic threads.  Schools are using Groups for Governors, School Council or created to allow collaborative work - cross class/year group/key stage.

- 'Staff Chat'  This VLE module allows staff within the educational setting to discuss topics in and out of the school environment.  The module can be made 'inactive' and therefore removed from all staff menu bars if not required - removal achieved via the administration area.

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