Pupils and teachers have access to a blogging tool. Pupils can elect to share their blog with others, or just their teacher.  A teacher's blog at this point in time is purely to model to pupils the creation of a blog and adding elements to blog posts.  Pupils viewing another's blog can leave a comment, any inappropriate comments can be reported to the class teacher using the 'Whistle Blowing' tool.

- To check pupil's blogs, visit the class list, hold down the CTRL button, then click onto each child's blog icon in turn, this will open up new tabs, one for each child in your browser. You can then visit, view and comment on each blog, closing each tab when completed whilst remaining logged into your own account.

- The Starz+ blogging tool keeps the blogs within the VLE, i.e. not visible to the public, it is merely a way for pupils to experiment with blogging.  Those looking for something more publically available may wish to use the website facility that Starz+ provides (Free hosting if using the eSchools template).  Please contact us for more information.

- Thinking of using another/additional tool for blogging publically?  We suggest that you make sure you have done a risk assessment.

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